April 22, 2020

We understand that you might hate lawyers...

We understand that you hate lawyers. Maybe hate is a bit of a strong word…but let’s face it. Very few people seem to actually like lawyers.

It’s engrained in society. In fact, lawyers quite often find themselves falling victim to bad jokes, bad reputations and even bad situations.

We’re seen as that person who adds conflict to situations. Who charges a lot of money. Who comes into play when things ‘get bad’.

Well…you might be surprised, but we get it. We understand why we get such a bad rap. And to be honest, some of the things we’ve experienced previously might even make us agree with you. In fact, statistics show that up to 80% of solicitors even dislike solicitors… However, we’re here to change things up. We’re aware of the problems in the world of solicitors, but that’s exactly why we created Ancora Law.

We want to keep breaking down the barriers to show you how we are different.

Ancora Law’s core DNA is all about harnessing the power of technology to improve customer experience. Whether that is to save you time, money or effort, we are doing everything we can to revolutionise the way lawyers work. It’s about time we catch up to the 21st Century and realise that law can be made easy, and that’s exactly what we seek to do.

No more long slogs of communication

We make long wait times a thing of the past with improved methods of communication such as Zoom, Facetime and regular calls or emails. Thanks to LEAP, our online platform also allows customers to make transactions online, view their files and get in touch, simply by tapping a few buttons.

Saving you money

The way we work enables us to save money. Which, you may be surprised to hear does actually save you money, as well. When we save money on expensive office spaces by working from home, or save on staffing costs due to automation, or even save time on long meetings by catching up over Zoom; we put that money back into improving and standardising our services. We also absorb the cost of standard postage and printing into our fees as we don’t see why this cost should be passed onto you. 

Bottom line is, we don’t charge out of pocket for things which don’t need to be involved. We keep things as simple as possible and we are always transparent where our fees are concerned, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises. 

Flexibility to suit you

We prioritise flexibility at Ancora Law. Whether that’s being open to phone calls when you need some advice, switching our working location to suit your needs or scheduling in that little bit of extra support. We have what we need to carry you through to the finish line with minimal fuss and stress.

We’re friendly, we promise!

We understand that it can feel unnerving or overwhelming to approach someone you don’t know for help. Especially when that person is usually male, older…and wearing a suit (let’s be honest!) But we’re a friendly bunch here at Ancora Law. 

We mean business, don’t get us wrong. We have all of the qualities that a good solicitor needs. We have a game face, assertive skills and we know how to get the job done. But at the end of the day, we’re humans and there’s more to us than just that.

We like to have a laugh. We enjoy watching the footie with a beer at the weekend. We have children and families who we love to go home to when the working day closes. But perhaps most importantly, we understand the pressure people are under when they come to us and the importance of getting to know each individual and their case needs. We seek to be an open and friendly face, someone you feel that you can trust.

So, give us a shot. You might even be surprised!