Our expert Commercial Property Solicitors have a wealth of experience with Consents. Here are some of the services we currently offer:

  • Construction licences

    The grant, negotiation and completion of crane licences, scaffolding licences and/or rights of light deeds to record the agreed terms between neighbouring land/building owners;
  • General licences

    The drafting, negotiation and completion of car parking licences, bin storage licences and temporary signage licences;
  • Short-term licences

    The drafting, negotiation and completion of short term licences to occupy of moveable units or temporary consents for rights of way or parking etc;
  • Lease Consents

    See our Landlord and Tenants sections for our services in leasehold consents.

Need some advice?

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To better understand the breakdown of our services, please visit our fees page for an indication of the general fees we charge.