We have a broad range of services on offer, some of which are supplementary services and others are standalone services which are required from time to time.

Here’s some of our additional services that we currently offer:

  • ID1 and ID2 forms

    Completion and signature of ID1 and/or ID2 documentation for identification purposes;
  • Certified documentation

    The provision of certified copy documentation to avoid the need to post originals;
  • Title Investigations and Reports

    Be aware of any issues with your registered or unregistered land/buildings before you sell or remortgage. We will work with you to rectify any issues which are found to save time and money on any future transactions;
  • Landowner and real estate asset protection advice

    Be it advice to protect against trespasser, renewal leases or encroachment we can be retained to provide you with one to one advice;
  • Registration services

    Land Registry registrations of leases or transfers and Inland Revenue (Stamp Duty) applications.

Need some advice?

Not sure which service you require or getting lost in the jargon? Not to worry, just give us a call on 01482 426121, we’d be happy to provide our expert advice.

To better understand the breakdown of our services, please visit our fees page for an indication of the general fees we charge.