New Lease

Our experienced Commercial Property Solicitors are experts in Lease services. Here are some of the New Lease services we currently offer:

  • Grant of a New Lease

    Acting for a Landlord, Tenant or Undertenant on the grant of a new Lease;
  • Agreement to Lease

    Secure the grant of a lease upon the happening of a future event i.e works or planning;
  • Specialist knowledge

    Specialists Leases, Licences and/or Tenancies for public houses, restaurants, advertising hoardings, car parking spaces, car charging points, telecoms equipment or signage;
  • Grant of a Specialist Leases

    The grant of Leases by References, Supplemental Leases, Overriding Leases, Reversionary Leases and Turnover Leases.

Need some advice?

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